About Us

AdolezenZ is a global learning organization focused on helping adolescents and parents develop their emotional intelligence. Our team of certified coaches has vast experience working with youth and adults in the domain of emotions. We also train coaches, educators, and school systems to integrate emotional literacy into their curriculum using our powerful methods.

The Adolescence Challenge

Adolescence is considered a challenging phase in life for both adolescents and their parents. The pre-frontal cortex area of the brain, responsible for regulating emotions is not fully developed in adolescents. This can lead to consequences such as high-risk behavior, relationship challenges, inability to make decisions, etc. When parents treat adolescents as children or adults, they are faced with resistance because adolescents are neither.

Our Unique Solution for Adolescents and Their Parents

If you are an adolescent or are parenting/helping one, our coaching programs can help you. Our coaching is based on developing your emotional literacy which is the ability to understand and interpret your own emotions and the emotions of others. Emotions are not inherently positive or negative, and all emotions including the ones we perceive as ‘bad’, such as anger or greed, are valuable sources of information. Instead of judging emotions, a better approach would be to see if they are serving or not serving us in the situation we face. Opening conversations about emotions and normalizing them helps you work with the root emotions underneath your adolescent’s challenges and allows them to navigate their emotions effectively.

Our Learning-Based Approach to Developing Emotional Intelligence

Many people believe that people are born with a certain emotional make-up that can't be changed. That's why we often describe people as "hot- headed", "cool-headed", "moody", and so on. While our genetics and our body composition influence our emotional make-up, the culture in which we are raised plays an equally important role. As children, we learn emotions by mimicking our parents, friends, and teachers. Throughout our lives, we are learning emotionally otherwise we would always behave like babies. It is also possible to unlearn emotions and cultivate new habits, irrespective of our age, genetics, or culture. What is required to accomplish this is a growth mindset and believing that your emotional intelligence can be expanded. This is the opportunity we offer you through our tailored learning programs.

A Non-Judgmental, Non-Threatening Alternative to Counseling and Therapy

Emotions are a scary territory for many people and a common belief is that they are about hugging and crying. Many people don't like conversations about their emotions or want to deny them because they consider them a sign of weakness. When met with emotional challenges, many turn into counseling or therapy which are based on a medical model and are designed to address mental ailments. However, such interventions are often stigmatizing and may not be required in many situations. Working with a coach can help adolescents overcome their emotional barriers because it is a non-judgmental and non-threatening alternative to counseling and therapy. Coaching is a learning-based based model and is essentially a series of conversations to help someone see things in a new light and take different actions that produce different results.

Technical Skills vs Relational Skills

The primary focus of our formal educational system is to develop students' cognitive abilities such as memory, analytics, reading, writing, etc. While these are essential to succeed in life, relational skills are critical to take full advantage of the technical skills. Imagine medically qualified doctors who can't empathize with their patients or entrepreneurs lacking passion and excitement. Everything we do and all we don't do in life are rooted in one or more emotions. None of our choices are purely rational and not being aware of emotional influences can lead us in the wrong direction. Emotional Intelligence is a critical skill for adolescents in today's emerging world of Artificial Intelligence. Many technical skills can be automated by robots but they don't have emotions to make deeper human connections which will be the competitive advantage for today's adolescents.

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